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2023 EagleARTS Festival Rules & Regulations

These rules constitute the intent of EagleARTS Festival July 7-8, 2023 but may be amended and changed as necessary at any time. The following rules and regulations are designed to ensure the health & safety of our customers, ensure fairness to all vendors and create an efficient and well-run environment for the continued and greater success of all participants.


About EagleARTS Festival

EagleARTS Festival showcases local artisans, crafts, musicians, businesses, and prepared foods. Anchored in the heart of Eagle, Colorado, the festival serves as a lively and fun gathering place where people can come together to shop and enjoy the community with neighbors and visitors alike. Our mission is to encourage, support, and promote the entrepreneurial efforts of local, independent, and small-scale creative business owners seeking to sell products directly to the consumer. Inherent in this mission is the enhancement and enrichment of culture and community in Eagle.

2023 Dates, Hours & Location

The EagleARTS Festival will take place on the grass field of Eagle Town Park (500-598 Washington St, Eagle, CO), just steps from our previous location on Broadway Street. Hosted by EagleARTS, this free, family-friendly art event will take place Friday, July 7 from 6-9 pm and Saturday, July 8 from 10 am to 6 pm. The event will proceed rain or shine. 


Sales taxes in the Town of Eagle are 9.4%. This is the amount that must be collected and remitted, regardless of the jurisdiction your sales tax license is issued. All vendors have two options for filling taxes collected at the event:


  1. Remit your taxes to EagleARTS to file on your behalf - A link will be sent to you at the conclusion of the festival to provide sales information and remit your taxes. You will need to remit all taxes to EagleARTS within 14 days after the festival.

  2. File under your own Special Event Sales Tax License - A Special Events Sales Tax License is free if you have a CO Retails Sales Tax License, otherwise it is $8 for a single event, or $16 for multiple events covering a 2-year period and this fee will be pro-rated based on your application date. To apply for a Special Event License, download the  Special Event Sales Tax Application (DR 0589). Be sure to retain a copy of your completed Special Event Sales Tax Application for your records. This copy will serve as your temporary license until you receive your official license.
    After the event, sellers will file a special event sales tax return remitting all federal, state and local taxes by the 20th of the month following the first day of the special event (eg., August 20th), if they have not remitted sales tax to the event organizer. You may NOT file taxes collected at the event as part of your regular Colorado Sales Tax return.


Your contact information will be provided to both the Colorado Department or Revenue and the Town of Eagle, so they can confirm all taxes have been remitted. Please call the State of Colorado at (303) 238-7378 for all sales tax questions. 

Set Up - Friday, July 7

Food trucks may arrive between 3:30 pm and 4:00 pm to ensure you are in place before artists and other business booths begin setting up. Art and business Vendors are invited to arrive beginning at 4:00 pm and must be set up and ready to sell by 5:30 pm.  A map will be provided the week of the festival showing traffic flow and booth assignments.


Break Down 

Vendors are expected to break down and clean up between the hours of 6:00 pm and 7:00 pm on Saturday, July 8. No vendor is to leave their assigned business or breakdown their booth or host location before the official closing time. A violation will result elimination from future EagleARTS festivals. Sellers are responsible for their selling spaces. Before leaving, be sure your area is clean and trash-free. The entire area should be kept clean by all vendors at all times. 

Overnight Security

Overnight security will be provided so if you have walls for your tent that can be zipped closed, you may leave items in your tent overnight, at your own risk. If your tent does not have walls, you must remove everything of value from your tent overnight. Vendors will not be allowed to drive into the event area Friday evening or Saturday morning.


Application Deadline, Acceptance and Fees

Applications and application fee must be submitted by Friday, June 9 at 5:00 pm - APPLY NOW >>

The $30 application fee is non-refundable. Applications will not be considered until the application fee is paid.


  • 10x10 space - artists, businesses, food vendors/trailers = $200

  • 10x20 space - double tents, food trucks = $300


There is a 50% discount for non-profits. Space for non-artist vendors is limited.

No vendor will be allowed to set up a booth without first paying their booth fee in full. You will receive an invoice via email for your booth fees upon acceptance with a link to pay online. Checks should be payable to EagleARTS (prior approval required to pay by check). A check that is returned for non-sufficient funds, or any other reasons, is ground for immediate cancellation of booth space reservation. A $50.00 NSF fee will be assessed to all returned checks. No postdated checks are accepted.


We want our vendors to be successful, so photos of your product and your booth display are required to be included with your application. All applications will be reviewed by the EagleARTS Festival jury and you will be notified of your acceptance or denial into the market via email. Prior year participation in ARTwalks or verbal acceptance does not constitute or guarantee of acceptance. You must receive the welcome letter to be considered accepted. 

If you have any questions about the application or exhibiting process, we're here to help you be successful. Please feel free to contact us at or 336-745-7669.


What to Bring
  • 10x10 booth is required for all artists/businesses and MUST have a minimum of 40lb weights on each leg. Vendors not in compliance will be asked to vacate their booth and no refund will be issued. If you wish to leave any items in your booth overnight your booth must have walls that can be zipped closed.

  • Tables to display your work

  • Chairs, if needed

  • Display items

  • Business cards

  • Trash Bags AND Bags for recycling

  • Hand sanitizer (for yourself and for guests to use)

  • Clean-up supplies (broom & dust pan, etc.)

  • CO Sales tax license

  • Calculator, payment processing equipment

  • Retail customer packaging supplies (i.e., tissue paper, bubble wrap, bags, etc.) 



Vendors are responsible for cleaning up their display space and disposing of waste properly. Please do not place your trash in Town of Eagle receptacles. Any vendor area not cleaned following the festival will result in fines and penalties to be determined by EagleARTS. We are working on sustainability guidelines in an effort to make the EagleARTS Festival a Zero Waste event. Stay tuned for details.


Artist Location Assignments

Artist locations are assigned at the discretion of the Event Manager and no vendor is ever guaranteed a specific location at any time. In order for the event manager to effectively manage the Festival, assigned locations may need to be changed at any time. All spaces are non- smoking.


Art Presentation

The presentation of your products is important for your individual marketing efforts and for the overall quality of the event. You should have signage letting customers know who you are and you must also clearly post prices. Presentation is subject to approval by the Festival Manager.



Each vendor is responsible for the conduct of his employees and/or representatives and activities must not detract from the image or welfare of the event. Every vendor is required to make a good faith effort to get along, be cordial, and act in a respectful manner to customers, fellow vendors, market management, market staff and local businesses. A vendor may be permanently removed from the Festival, at the sole discretion of the event manager, if it is determined a vendor is not making a good faith effort to be respectful toward others. Should a vendor be permanently removed, there will be no refund of booth fees or claimed revenues lost.


Food Vendors

All food vendors are required to post a 2023 State of Colorado Retail Food Service License in their truck. Specific rules on prepared food and labeling shall be as required by Colorado State Law. Food vendors are required to comply with Eagle County Environmental Health Department and Colorado guidelines for temporary food establishments which can be found at: Please send a copy of your food license to Environmental Health at Contact the Eagle County Department of Environmental Health at (970) 328-8758 with any questions.


You must bring tarps lapped with cardboard to capture grease or waste as to not leak on the grass. CARPET IS A POROUS MATERIAL AND WILL NOT KEEP GREASE FROM THE LANDSCAPE. 


We are working on sustainability guidelines in an effort to make the EagleARTS Festival a Zero Waste event. Stay tuned for details.



There are a very limited number of outlets and they will be made available for food vendors on a first-requested, first assigned basis. However, it is not guaranteed for any vendor and all food vendors must come prepared with small quiet generators to run self-powered if electricity becomes unavailable for any reason. The vendor is responsible for trip risk management.


Reselling / Consignments

The focus of EagleARTS Festival is to feature vendors that sell items that they have grown or crafted themselves. The resale or brokering of products is not permitted. Any complimentary product that you sell on behalf of someone else must be approved by Festival Manager and be identified with a sign of origin including all the same elements listed above. The Festival Manager retains the right to determine which crafts are suitable for sale and any seller who displays any harmful products, noncompliance with Festival Regulations, or is subject to consumer complaint will have their continued participation reviewed by the Festival Manager.



Once your application is accepted, you will be sent an invoice to pay your vendor fees online, due by June 23. If you cancel before June 30 you will receive a 50% refund. No refunds will be given for cancelations after June 30. Vendors are not allowed to sub-lease their space. Any attempt to do so will constitute default by Vendor and will result in fines, suspension, and potential elimination from future Festivals.



You will receive a vehicle parking pass for your dashboard. Vendor parking will be available in the East lot of the Eagle County Building located at 500 Broadway during event hours. Overnight parking in this lot is prohibited. Stay tuned for overnight parking information.


Loss or damage of property 

EagleARTS and the Town of Eagle shall not be liable for any damage to property of Vendor or of others located on the leased space, nor for the loss of damage to any property of Vendors or others by theft or otherwise.



Please submit any complaints, requests, or concerns to EagleARTS in writing to EagleARTS, PO Box 4841, Eagle, CO 81631 Email: and cc:


Drinking alcoholic beverages and smoking any substance are prohibited within the event area. Firearms and weapons are prohibited.

Compliance and Indemnification

Anyone who fails to comply with the above Rules & Regulations may risk forfeiting their display space with no refund of dues or fees and may not be allowed to participate in future EagleARTS events.

All vendors must represent their products in an honest manner, whether written or verbal. Vendors may sell only those items that have been identified on their application form unless they receive approval in writing by the event manager. Unless otherwise permitted by the event manager, the resale of any products that are not grown or produced by the vendor is prohibited in the Rules & Regulations and may be cause for expulsion or termination of participation in ARTwalk.

Except otherwise provided in the Rules & Regulations, vendors are solely responsible for compliance with all government regulations of any kind that may be in effect for activities that take place at the market. Vendors are solely responsible for payment of all applicable taxes.

Vendors are solely responsible for the quality and safety of what they sell. EagleARTS and the Town of Eagle are not responsible for any injury or damage caused by products sold by vendors. As a condition of participating in the Festival, the undersigned is required to carry adequate liability insurance to release, indemnify and hold EagleARTS, its directors, officers, agents and employees, the Town of Eagle officers, employees and insurers harmless from and against any and all claims or demands, whether for injuries to persons or damage to property, related to or arising from such participation. EagleARTS reserves the right to use photographs of the festival and its vendors for promotional purposes.

By completing our Vendor Application Form you affirm and agree to the foregoing and affirmatively represent that you are authorized to bind any business entity identified to the terms of this agreement. These rules & recommendations may be amended or revised by the organizers from time to time with subsequent notice to the vendors.

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