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Sell Your Work at ARTSPaCE

The goal of EagleARTS & ARTSPaCE workshop+gallery is to provide opportunities for local artists to show & sell their art and artisan wares. EagleARTS is dedicated to the economic vitality of our our community and local artists.

Artist Benefits

Thanks to your membership and consignment fees, we are able to provide the following benefits to our artists:

  • Sales Channel: Your work will be showcased for the year in our gallery at 120 Broadway. We endeavor to open the gallery Monday through Saturday, (hours may vary based on staff schedules and holidays). When our regular volunteers or staff member are unavailable, we will send out a signup sheet providing our artists with an opportunity to work in the shop (training will be provided). 

  • Marketing & Advertising: We advertise and market the gallery in the Vail Daily and on the radio on a regular basis in conjunction with EagleARTS monthly 2nd Friday ARTwalk. We regularly highlight each artist's work in print and social media ads. We also send out emails to our mailing list of almost 1,000 people.

    • ​We will also cross-promote at least one of your social media posts each month on our Instagram feed, and various Facebook related Pages including ARTSPaCE workshop + gallery, What’s Happening Eagle, Vail Valley Art Community, Broadway Street Eagle, Eagle Chamber of Commerce, EagleOutside, and Eagle ARTS representing over 3,000+ followers. *NOTE: Artist is responsible for creating the original Instagram/Facebook post and tagging @ARTSPaCEworkshop #artspaceworkshop and #eaglearts

  • Reporting: We collect and file your sales taxes per state, county, and local requirements.

  • Even More Sales Channels: 2nd Friday ARTwalk features different themes, live music, and activities every month from February to December. We encourage you to be available for these events either in the gallery or in a booth during our summer street festivals. Artists choosing Membership Option 1 or 2 will receive a booth at our 2nd Friday ARTwalk Street Festivals (May, June, July, and September) - a $220 value. 

  • Artists who communicate well, cross promote regularly on social media, volunteer in the store and/or participate with events, will be those who see more sales success and be offered PopUp Shop opportunities, which we also offer occasionally in-store. 

Artist Expectations
  • We will work with you to determine the number of pieces we have space for depending on your medium. Artists are responsible for having accessories (hanging wires, jewelry hangers, easels, etc.) and signage for your display, which must be visually professional and appealing.

  • All items must be tagged with prices. We also ask for a supply of business cards to provide to customers who purchase one of your items.

  • We ask that artists come in every month or so to replace and refresh items in their designated space.

  • EagleARTS carries liability insurance, however all artwork consigned for sale ARTSPaCE is here at your own risk and must be covered by your own insurance policy.

  • Volunteering....


Your membership and consignment fees enable us to pay for rent, utilities, insurance, and a part-time staff person.

Membership Option 1:  Flat Membership Fee

  • $3,000 annual fee payable monthly in 12 equal payments

  • No volunteer hours required

Membership Option 2:  Fee + Consignment Split

  • $1,500 annual fee payable monthly in 6 payments plus a consignment split on each sale on a sliding scale:

    • Items priced up to $99 = 40% consignment fee

    • $100-$499 = 30% consignment fee

    • $500 and up = 20% consignment fee

  • No volunteer hours required​

Membership Option 3:  Fee + Consignment Split

  • $500 annual fee (may be split in 2 payments with the total due within 90 days of acceptance) plus a consignment split on each sale on a sliding scale:

    • Items priced up to $299 = 50% consignment fee

    • $300-$499 = 40% consignment fee

    • $500 and up = 30% consignment fee


Your fees support EagleARTS, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization - helping us help you!

How to Apply
  1. Please fill out the application for admission including photos of up to 5 items you would like to sell along with a brief description and price. All submissions will be juried and responses will be returned within 1 week from receipt to application.

    • Our jury panel, composed of working artists and visual art professionals, considers the following components: composition, design, originality, medium, and choice of subject matter; along with continuity of a series, the current theme of the gallery showings, and space available.​

  2. Your acceptance notification will include a link to an invoice for the first installment of your annual fee (14 day terms)  

  3. Once your work is accepted, we will work with you to determine an appropriate number of items based on display space to best highlight your unique work. Please be aware that displays will be determined by the size of your work and available room in the gallery. Once items sell, you may replace with fresh items. EagleARTS/ARTSPaCE management reserves the right to determine acceptable displays and marketing materials. 

  4. Our preferred method of paying your commissions is via Venmo. Please create account and share your Venmo handle with us. This step streamlines the payment system for us and you, since when we can direct pay you when consignment sales have been tallied. Payouts are typically distributed within 30 days of the end of the prior month's sales.

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